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Different bottles, packages, and cartons have specific food labeling requirements. SWCA is well versed with the CFIA rules for packaging food for sale in Canada



A long-term client relationship. We have worked with LB Maple Treat for over 15 years. SWCA has been involved with the rebranding of over 30 products in several categories. We have worked with LB Maple to develop families of product. As a result we take care to develop color “stories” with identifiying features that help consumers find the products they are after.

In the Canadian retail food marketplace there are many rules and regulations set out by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). SWCA consults directly with the agency on behalf of our clients to make sure that all packaging stays compliant to the CFIA’s regulations. We also, develop multi-language packaging, that has been a large part of these projects.

In addition to working with LB Maple on their packaging SWCA has also been responsible for designing printed collateral. Design for  international trade show displays, printed sales brochures as well as studio product photography of all of their products.

Client Description: LB Maple Treat started as a privately owned, Vancouver based company. The original company president was also the owner of over 10,000 acres of maple trees in Quebec. (One of the largest Maple Syrup producing farms in Canada.) LB Maple products are available for sale in grocery stores across the country as well as most Duty Free stores you will visit.