Responsive web design – should you wait?

Cotton Carrier Ltd is a good example of a company that was ready for a new website and new branding. It was time to redesign their old-school website, make it fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Like many companies they debated the merits of a site upgrade and also had a -let’s wait- approach to their website.  We have seen that the investment in a new technology website will breathe new energy into the people of the company. It suddenly positions your brand as leading and progressive within the marketplace. Many companies invest much less than they used to in printed communications and advertising. They MUST make a pro-active effort to get their images and information out to the public.

Responsive design, mobile-friendly and professional

This new website design features big beautiful photos with a logical information-driven approach. The use of professional product photos displayed on a clean white background also  show off the high-quality of the products. The updated brand ambassador section promotes the idea “if pros use this equipment then its good for me too”. It’s important to know that people do over 85% of today’s online searches on mobile devices. It is imperative that when going to this new website – that it looks great on these mobile devices as well.

A smooth transition to Shopify E-commerce

This site is built on the Shopify e-commerce platform. Shopify provides a responsive, robust, user-friendly interface for building an online shopping experience. In addition there are many templates available from Shopify that will satisfy most storefront needs. Using the existing templates definitely keeps your development costs down and speeds up the whole process. SWCA went from the start of web design to launch in a record low 3 months. The new site has been up and running smoothly since the launch. Visit the Cotton Carrier website.