Professional Photography – Worth the Expense?

Professional photography of your team members increases the credibility of your company. Strive for consistency in the photo style used on this page of your site.



When your website was  first built, it is likely everyone submitted “a good photo of themselves” for the “team” page on the new company website. This is an important component of adding credibility to your site. Place the submitted photos into the layout and do an assessment: Does this represent the company the way you’d like it to?





SWCA worked with to upgrade their team photos and we have a specific process that works well. Since the group is often changing, Humanworks needed a solution that looks great today – but can also grow and evolve as the team changes. Here are the steps:

  • Arrange a date for a staff portrait session.
  • Ask that staff dress appropriately for the nature of their business. (Don’t wear a tie if you never wear a tie.)
  • Do all the photos against a common plain background.
  • Make sure the lighting is soft and the same in each portrait. A large bank of windows on a cloudy day can provide nice light.
  • In Photohop – mask out and remove the background of the selected images. There are online services that also provide masking and background removal. (We use for masking and background removal.)
  • Then – build a new PSD file. Add each masked portrait on individual layers.  Add a new background on its own layer, allowing the new background to show through (in this case a soft out-of-focus background). Save this master PSD file.
  • Finally, save each portrait as a web-ready jpeg, sized to fit your website.
  • In the future when new staff are hired – ask them to have a portrait done with a lighting style as similar as possible to your images.
  • Mask the portrait as above, and add the image to its own layer in the master file .
  • Save the new additional portraits as described above.

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