Logo design process – ideas

Everyone has their own way of starting a logo or branding design project. Some will look to the world around them for inspiration, others will look at a variety of online resources, and some may just sit down with a sharpie and a sketchpad. We like to start with a conversation about “Who are we trying to attract? Who is the target market? Can this be a fun identity or or should it be businesslike?  What should the colours imply? Will the logo stand alone or is it always going to be surrounded by alot of other information?” Once we establish our starting point then we can explore the kind of design that appeals to the target market. Colours – fonts – graphics… it is important that all the elements speak to the group that we are appealing to. We generate many ideas that never get to see the outside world. In the end our client picks “the one” that accomplishes all the goals they are setting out to acheive. That new logo becomes a stepping stone in building a company and a brand.

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